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  1. You can’t suppress every outlet women had to voice their opinion in the tribe and then say it’s untraditional for a woman to be in a leadership position. The whole form of government is largely untraditional. You know what is traditional? Our women being the core of our strength as a people. Mothers and sisters leading. That’s traditional.

  2. kidkloud said: The way you refuse to see how cultural costumes dehumanize and create violent situations for Native American is appalling. As a fellow Cherokee, I would ask you to educate yourself before you use my tribal affiliation as a reason to be taken seriously. You should not equate your heritage to free healthcare and then assume to be taken seriously. Don't use the name Cherokee as a way to legitimize white social oppression.


    There are people who use cultural costumes… not as a slight to dehumanise you, but as a real sign of their appreciation for a beautiful culture. 

    People dress up after people they adore. It’s a sign of affection, worship, and deepest admiration. What if a kid from Korea decides to dress up as a famous white character? Is that dehumanising to white people? Or what if they decide to dress up as Abraham Lincoln? Is that dehumanising to Lincoln? No. It’s not. It’s a sign of admiration and respect. It can be done in a kind, loving, way that signifies admiration.

    I never even once came close to legitimising oppression of people. You’re legitimising your own oppression of a race.

    It can be done in a wrong way, I don’t deny that. But it’s not evil. I’m not legitimising anything. You’re oppressing white people. Why do you care that I don’t hate anyone out there? Why is it so important to you that I hate somebody who never hurt me? I don’t pretend oppression isn’t out there, but you’re oppressing white people. 

    I’m not going to reply to anything else you have to say. I mean, my ask box is open… but it’s clear you demand something for yourself and hypocritically deny it to other people. You’re your own worst enemy because you can’t forgive and grow out of your anger. 

    You really just want the freedom to discriminate against other people. And some of those people might be hurting you… and that is wrong. But not everyone who is white hurts you, and you treating them badly is just as wrong.

    Before you talk about someone else’s wrong, fix yourself. Because, you’re making it very very clear that you are more racist than a lot of white people I know.

    To be honest, I just feel really, really bad for you. You’re sad and miserable and angry and you feel the need to make others miserable. That’s a horrible way to feel and to live. I feel bad for you.

    Don’t think that because you’re “Cherokee” that you can say anti-native things and white-sympathizing things and me by call you out. I’m not gonna continue to argue with her because she obviously doesn’t understand racism, power and oppression. I just mostly feel sad that she equates her rich cultural heritage to free healthcare. Cherokee Nation has failed her.

  3. I just read a text post where a “Cherokee” equated their heritage to getting their teeth pulled for free and being exempt from Obamacare. gatitaborrachita, please don’t take this white-card-carrying rhetoric as what every Cherokee stands for. Aaaaaah! I apologize for the ignorance spewed under the Cherokee name! I feel so ashaaaaaamed! Cherokee Nation has failed this person!